Jasper D. Ward

Jasper Ward CannabisJasper is a founding partner of the national law firm on Jones Ward PLC, which focuses on serious personal injuries and deceptive consumer practices. Jasper runs the class action department of the law firm, as well as manages many of the serious personal injury cases caused by dangerous medical devices or pharmaceutical drugs. Jasper has been named “Best in Louisville” for class action and personal injury law, in addition to being name a Rising Star by Super Lawyers. Jasper is involved in many national litigations, including being Lead Counsel on the new Draft Kings and Fan Duel class action. Prior to this, Jasper worked on many political campaigns in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and other states as an opposition and policy researcher, and worked for Al Gore’s presidential campaign at its national headquarters in Nashville.

Legalizing cannabis as medicine would directly benefit his personal injury clients and is a natural extension of his firm’s commitment to improving public health through holding drug and medical device companies accountable. Jasper works with Legalize Kentucky Now to help draft legislation, raise awareness, and promote the marijuana movement in whatever way he can.

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