Dale Sky Jones

Dale Sky Jones Southern Cannabis SummitDale is based in Oakland, CA and is focused on enhancing the debate for cannabis policy reform throughout the country.  She took over as President of OU to ensure the legacy of cannabis education through Oaksterdam University to help support sustainable growth with quality training for the cannabis industry. Important initial steps include establishing the political and social climate that will encourage cannabis policy reform.

She is the Chairwoman of the Board for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, stemming from her experience as the spokeswoman and legislative liaison for the Prop 19 Campaign in California.  Dale has interviewed with news, entertainment and journalism sources such as Al Jazeera English, BBC, CBS Evening News, CNN, Discovery Channel, FOX News, FOX Business News, History Channel, MSNBC, NPR, Telemundo, Univision, AOL, AP, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Sacramento Bee, Wall Street Journal and is featured in many other publications and documentaries both foreign and domestic.  Named by Marie Claire as one of the most influential women in the industry; she has a voice in setting national priorities and is an expert commentator on current events.

Dale is on the boards of directors for Californians to Regulate Medical Marijuana (CRMM).  Within her mission for safety through self-regulation, she helped establish a medical cannabis safety council in early 2008 with cannabis industry stakeholders, which spawned several safety programs.

Dale is focused on overall civil rights issues, while developing avenues through which patients, doctors, providers, and regulating authorities can be more confident in the medical cannabis continuum, from the plant to the patient.  Her remaining time is spent in legislative and local government meetings, attending various research and policy conferences, local community meetings and debates, and trying to keep up with industry news and e-mail.  Dale and her husband, veteran drug policy crusader Jeff Jones, stay busy keeping up with their little son, Jackson Wolf Jones and their newborn, Jesse Drake Jones.

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